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Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

Federal Theory – Theory of Federalism – Max Frenkel Federal Theory – Theory of Federalism – Max Frenkel
A. Introduction . Contents Index End. 001 In their discourses on government, Plato and Aristotle discussed all those problems which were important to an Attic citizen ...

Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

Its present meaning originated in 1777 during the american revolution (elazar l198xiiis, also l424580). Sweden, according to an exhaustive inquiry (l156a64ss), such conviction of effective civic participation is to be found in communes up to 8000 inhabitants, when elazar (l201277) sets the threshold at 100000 for the united states. In germany the prestige aspects of the debate were especially evident, because there were monarchs or sovereigns at the head of both the empire and the lдnder (schindler l7159s, l34361).

That is because only executives and administrations are specialized and small enough to be able to negotiate. Thus the famous first phrase of justinians institutions, which may be traced back to aristotle iustitia est constans et perpetua voluntas ius suum cuique tribuens, is unambiguous only for those for whom ius (law, right) is an evident reality in itself (e. To the english monarchomachs and covenanters the agreement of the ruled was a necessary prerequisite for legitimate governance.

But it is just as well possible that the soon the be enlarged eu, suffocating in bureaucracy and in paper, has arrived at the end of its tether and that other communities will open up the way, if at all, to more genuine european federalism. The homogeneous political cultures of the states correspond, in their aggregate, to the political culture of the federation. The authors ideological standpoint might be characterized as liberal in the traditional european sense, conservative and populist.

This is achieved by tying them together in an abstract network. But such an interpretation is highly speculative and does not lend itself to empirical analysis. They may also in a given situation be treated as constitutionally relevant value choices.

But a correct decision per se does not exist or, if it exists, it is not perceivable as such for everybody. For this axiomatic self-preservation of the political system the latters structures and procedures all have their role to play. And now one of the peoples representatives crosses from the right to the left without evident motive thereby tipping the scales he is making the law.

Federal legislation, for instance, made it possible for the states to prohibit the sale of lottery tickets although such sales enjoyed the protection of the federal constitutions interstate commerce clause (188 uss 221, 1903, cited in strong l787507s,513, compare clark l133539ss, wrightwhite l873a1s). Nigerian constitution of 1979 (which has been to a large extent put into abeyance by decree no. Is there a judicial authority in the central authority but standing above the central authority and the component units to determine their respective rights?  9 have the component units retained all the powers that the constitution has not given the central authority? And are these retained powers significant or marginal?      a federation is a unity composed of several states which continue to exist as sovereign states (schollenberger l7264). Functions that heretofore were honorary posts, paid with a song and a whistle, now command a salary that is likely to be higher than the sum of the cost economies. This means a willingness to claim non-interference not only for oneself but to grant it to others, as well as the perception of compromise and power-sharing as appropriate mechanisms for conflict resolution.

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Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

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Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria Redevelopment authorities create block groups, welfare offices in the ghettos organize community work, schools further ptas (parentteacher associations). Cadre selection and preparation rest on a considerably broader base. This again is subject to the beliefs held in a given political culture. These are usually the central states authorities, but may sometimes be member states authorities (see l264b1608ss). A study conducted by the environmental protection agency found that private garbage collection was only fifty-seven percent as costly as equivalent services provided by the public sector. Let us just say at this point that there are different variants of participation. Before addressing myself in more detail to this problem (no. A ministry the civil servants of which democratically decide is not a ministry of a democratic government. With the exception of some short-lived central and south american federations, the federations founded in the nineteenth century proved to be stable, It is only possible to optimize such demands, that is, to balance them into a state of but partial satisfaction.
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    Here, probably because of the great number of cantons (26) in the countrys small territory, interests continuously cross-cut. Federation (the swiss constitution uses the term confederation), thus, appears as a highly decentralized unitary state (l24445, also merkl l43592). Thirdly the member state is a middle level within a whole, which poses the problem of the specific functions of such a middle level for a federal system. Federalism and economic growth, 2nd impression, london 1963  360    die bundesverfassungen der schweizerischen eidgenossenschaft, bern 1891  362    his, eduard geschichte des neuern schweizerischen staatsrechts, dritter band, basel 1938  364    hoby, gottfried die zukьnftige stellng der kantone im bund, w. For reasons which democratic procedure itself determines, the electorate will never comprise the whole population even in the most direct of democracies.

    Such value judgments have been presented in some depth in the preceding pages. It can be applied to similar problems whenever and wherever they arise. Such procedures are ballots, elections, political freedoms (as for instance the right to the free expression of opinions, freedom of the press, petitions, the right to associate freely with one another, freedom of instruction), public hearings, etc. American founding fathers were quite aware that they had created something new (compare diamond l169133). The absolutist content the concept of sovereignty had assumed during the earlier struggles hindered the breakthrough of liberalism.

    Administering federalism in a democracy, new york 1972  502    macy, jesse gannaway, john w. This differentiation makes identification with ones political environment more difficult (l782878s). From the point of view of public tasks, a nearly infinite number could be justified (no. The yardstick is itself an object of the process of social decision making. We might add that the postulate of popular rule in the sense of an equal influence of everybody is also unrealistic inasmuch as this presupposes such an interest of everybody. But in the same way that nearly every revolution takes over its predecessors authority patterns (arendt l32), so absolutism triumphed after the democratic revolution in the form of absolute democracy (no. This federal principle should be pervasive where its prerequisites are to be found at the local level. The reduction of a systems optimizing potential may also be considered a negative aspect, i. With other words if it is able to effect necessary changes in its structure of preferences in order to guarantee successful operation in the future. Classical antiquity was familiar with the idea, as is evidenced for instance by aristotles consideration of the advantage of independence over unification (l3422).

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    Risk Taking and Fiscal Smoothing with Sovereign Wealth Funds in Advanced Economies Knut Anton Mork Snorre Lindset We analyse the interaction between fiscal policy and ...
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    Attempts to correct deviations through increased control very often bring results that are no longer justifiable in relation to the resources deployed (ostrom l59260). Freiburg (switzerland) social philosopher utz the principle of subsidiarity is a law concerning assistance societys to the individual, or the more encompassing groups to the smaller one, as e. To emphasize but the element of autonomy (see bennett l5910, schollenberger l725170ss) is too narrow. Thus in the united states the term creative federalism supplanted co-operative federalism. This argument can also serve as a final reply to the various charges of the insufficiently democratic character of consociational democracy when these weaknesses are felt to be increasingly onerous, and particularly when they are regarded as less and less necessary because a society has become less plural, it is not difficult to move from a consociational to a more competitive democratic regime (lijphart l48152) Buy now Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

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    In the first case it is bottom to top, in the second one top to bottom. Let me just point out that english and french parlance are less rigid than is the german use of the words staatenbund (confederation) and bundesstaat (federation). The problem of the locus of sovereignty in federations bedevils a great part of german and french legal discussion about the concept of federation. In a three-tier system it is possible to directly influence the next level and indirectly influence the level next but one, so as to give people experience of the system in a physical and not only abstract way. It cannot do so because it is humanly impossible to achieve such an aim.

    His examples were city state leagues with worldly goals, for instance defence Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria Buy now

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    The latter is an equilibrium arrived at in a given historic moment, balancing separatist and unitary tendencies. But it only makes sense to talk about democracy where this connection between office holders and popular election is still evident, albeit indirectly. Thus those swiss who advocate resistance against central encroachment talk about the necessity for increased horizontal collaboration through co-operative federalism. Band, zьrich 1900  723    grundriss des staats- und verwaltungsrechts der schweizerischen kantone, ii. Economies of scale are usually the result of a better exploitation of fixed facilities.

    Supreme power can no more be limited than infinity can be measured, because it ceaseth to be the thing its very being is dissolved when any bounds can be put to it Buy Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria at a discount

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    Baar (l42229) every system of a certain size and complexity -government, private industry, etc. Although the source and the explanation are only given for a few of them (this was not the authors aim) i have included in my own list those of stewarts terms i was not familiar with. It is ignored that there might be a price to be paid in undesirable consequences for a change whose greater clarity is but formal. Americas governments, new york 1979  572    national governors association export development and foreign investment, washington d. Argentina, australia, austria, brazil, canada, the comores, czechoslovakia, the federal republic of germany, india, malaysia, mexico, nigeria, pakistan, switzerland, the soviet union, tanzania, the united arab emirates, the united states of america, venezuela and yugoslavia Buy Online Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

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    It is therefore not necessary to emphasize this element (no. Let us leave it to the lawyers along with torts and decrees nisi and mandamus and feme sole. He conceives corporatism as (l71913, critical lehmbruch l467149s) a system of interest representation in which the constituent units are organized into a limited number of singular, compulsory, noncompetitive, hierarchically ordered and functionally differentiated categories, recognized and licensed (if not created) by the state and granted a deliberate representational monopoly within their respective categories in exchange for observing certain controls on their selection of leaders and articulation of demands and supports. Governance will be accepted if this is an evident social duty Buy Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria Online at a discount

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    In a certain sense the following so-called assigned functions may be seen as necessary elements for the existence of the federal system (not the political system per se). Birch has slightly restated wheares formula (l1737) a federal system of government is one in which there is a division of powers between one general and several regional authorities, each of which, in its own sphere, is coordinate with the others, and each of which acts directly on the people through its own administrative agencies. The following selection of catalogues of goals may serve as an introductory survey. It reflects the fact that in some vague or explicit way he sees these objects as conforming to his own moral principles, his own sense of what is right and proper in the political sphere Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria For Sale

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    Leading constitutional decisions, revised edition, reprinted toronto 1975  685    ruys, petrus hendrikus maria public goods and decentralization, tilburg 1974  686    rydon, joan wolfsohn, h. This perhaps is not a morally pleasing picture (though i would say in favor of such a state of affairs that it allows us to join dedicated societies of our own choice, which would not be the case if civil society were a dedicated body) but it seems to me to fit the facts. The theory of confederacies, 6th world congress ipsa, geneva 1964  371    hulcher, wendell in support of strengthening the american federal system, in l  373    hunger, erich zur idee und tradition des fцderalismus, karlsruhe 1929  377    james, judson l For Sale Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria

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    But whether the highly centralized nature of todays federations leaves enough independence to member states to provide viable redundancies is a somewhat open question. The same differentiation is meant when authors talk about administrative and geographic decentralization (l37786). For merk (l83321115) federations are legal associations of several states creating an aggregate state with an aggregate state population, an aggregate state territory, and an independent and supreme dominion, in such a way that according to its constitution these member states have independent state powers not derived from the central government, that they participate in the decision making of central government in a supreme authority, but that they are subjected to the domination of the central government in the areas of the latters jurisdiction Sale Thesis On Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria






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